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At any party the most important thing is your guest's, the second most important thing is the music. After the event few people will remember how great the table decorations were or even how good the catering was. What they will remember however is how good the DJ was. A party DJ can make or break your night and getting the right music mix is essential.

The music mix we play will always be dependant on the type of party you are having. An 18th birthday party, attended by people of about the same age will have a different mix to a family 18th birthday party. If its a young crowd then a more up to date selection is more appropriate. However as chart music is so diverse we always ask for a play list of favorite music (about 10 -20 tunes is great). This way we can really hone in on the best music mix to play on the night. A family party with people of all ages including family members of senior years. will require a blend to please every one. This is not just a case of playing the odd chart tune followed by a hit from yester year etc. We aim for a mix of the latest with the greatest floor filling classics.

When it comes to the music getting the balance right is all important. No two party's are ever the same and we try to find tunes that connect with the audience and create a mood of collective goodwill. With the right mix of music, played at the right time a party can build to a crescendo where everyone has fun. We have done 18th birthday parties were gran got the party started by dancing the can can on one of the tables, and dragged all the youngsters on the dance floor for knees up mother brown. We have performed at an 80th birthday party when the birthday boy wanted to prove to his grand kids he could break dance. That night included an odd mix of Frank Sinatra, Max Bygraves and Drum and Bass, everyone was up for a laugh and everyone joined in.

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