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Surprise Party Hints and Tips

A birthday party is a great way to gather all your friends and family together and for them to show how much they love you and for you to show them just how fabulous you really are. However If you don't want to be the center of attention Organise a surprise party for a friend instead. keeping a surprise party secret until the last second can be extremely difficult. Here is some info you may find helpful.

If you are planning a party for someone you live with, you will need some co conspirators to help. Many people will need to be contacted and will want to contact you, try to delegate as many jobs as you can. You don't want the surprise ruined at the last minute by some one from the venue, the caterer or the DJ who phones the night before and spills the beans. Imaging the if the person who was to receive the surprise answers the call and asks what is the call about. To avoid this we ask for alternate emergency contact numbers and have prearranged times when we will call. In addition if anyone other than the contact person answers we will have a pre arranged code story to tell. This might be something like "its Jim from work will you get (contact person) to phone me etc. We will also always double check you can speak freely. If the person you are trying to surprise is in the background when you are making arrangements they will soon guess what's going on.

The surprise can also be spoilt at the last second when the target overhears that last minute call to your co conspirators "yes we are leaving now and we will be there in 10 minutes" or when you pull into the venue car park and the surprise target sees cars belonging to friends and family.

If you have managed to keep the whole thing secret you will need a believable cover story to get the surprise target to the venue and into the party room without rousing suspicion. A convincing pretense for going into the party venue is essential. We did one surprise party when the birthday girls husband spent days talking about the flash new carpet in the hall above the pub which she simply must see, and that they should go up there on saturday night to take a look. Obviously this excuse did not work. Its best to keep it simple, a great cover story is someone else's party this way as they approach the party room it will seem normal to hear music or the sound of laughter.

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Surprise parties are always great fun, normally this type of party gets going quickly. For most parties some people like to arrive fashionably late, however this doesn't happen at a surprise party. Party guests will get to the venue early, as its bad form to arrive after the big surprise moment. By the time the target of the surprise party arrives most of the guests have had a couple of drinks and are already in a party mood. The dance floor fills up quickly and everyone has a great time. If you are secretly planning to give someone a party they will never forget we would love to be in on the surprise. Book pro mobile disco and be surprised at just how good a mobile disco can be.

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